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The F3C 600 and F4C 600 + MOULDER PLATE 600 mm LAMINATE MOULDING MACHINE is a machine able to mould several types of bread rolled up in various sizes (from 15 Gr to 2.5 Kg) and with the possibility of cylinder the dough. It is equipped with a slide for returning the pieces to the operator or to the tray on the back of the machine. The 3 cylinders of the F3C 600 LUX model, or the 4 cylinders of the F4C 600 LUX model, are rectified and thickness chromium-plated and have a useful width of 600 mm. The machine is made in steel sheet of considerable strength and all the moving parts are mounted on sealed bearings. The cylinder protection is in stainless steel and when it is lifted, a device that blocks the machine is activated.
The electric systems, like the safeties, are in 24 volts. The machine is also equipped with a lamination thickness handle quickly adjustable for soft rolling of the dough.
# Model Cylinders Dimensions LxWxH Weight Power Volt Packing Sizes
1 F3C 600 + FIL.600 3x600 mm 1420 X 1250 X H 1210 mm 290 Kg 0,75 KW 220/415 V 1040 X 1400 X H 1480 mm
2 F4C 600 + FIL.600 4x600mm 1420 X 1250 X H 1210 mm 300 Kg 0,75 KW 220/415 V 1040 X 1400 X H 1480 mm
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